Smart Care Extended Support Plan


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1 Year of Smart Care Support


Smart Care is an extended support plan for your hardware device.  Smart Care ensures that when you need help with your barcode hardware, there is a knowledgeable support technician who can take care of you.


Smart Care includes:


Hardware Configuration & Re-Configuration (even if you move the printer between computers)

Manufacturer Warranty Assistance*

Setup for Barcode Printer and Scanner with Eyefinity software

Covers Support for (1) Barcode Hardware Device (Either scanner or printer)

*Think Smart will issue a manufacturer return authorization with the manufacturer and coordinate the shipping.  When the product is repaired by the manufacturer, it will be shipped back to Think Smart where it will be re-configured for proper Eyefinity software use and then returned to you.


If you are interested in Smart Care Support and have purchased the barcode equipment outside of Think Smart Inc., all barcode equipment and appropriate cabling must be Eyefinity certified for us to be able to provide technical support as part of this plan.

Shipping Costs are not covered under Smart Care. 

Additional information

Plan Type

Device Purchased From Think Smart Within Last 30 Days, Device Purchased From Think Smart More Than 30 Days Ago, Device Not Purchased From Think Smart, Choose This Option For Multiple Device Coverage